4Th Agreement Quotes
رحمة الله عليه(ها) 4Th Agreement Quotes

[5] “If you take things personally, you make easy prey for these predators, the black magicians. They can easily tie you up with a small opinion and give you the poison they want, and because you take it personally, you eat it. You eat all his emotional garbage, and now it will be your garbage. But if you don`t take it personally, you`re immune in the middle of hell. Immunity from poison in the midst of hell is the gift of this agreement. I`m not sure you understand the point of convergence #2. As for a woman`s stick, because he does not live according to this agreement, he can blame his wife for her abusive behavior. And many women who live in abusive relationships believe in the story that the offender makes, that it is their fault that he beat them. Not taking things personally is not the same as not taking them serious or not acknowledging abuses. It is the realization that the offender behaves as she does, because of her distorted view of the world (the story in her head) and not because “she pushed me to do it”. Not to take things personally is to refuse gaslighting, to refuse the story of the culprit. That`s why it`s powerful. I do not entirely agree with the approval #2.

Too many women`s bats already think they are innocent if women have the courage to leave. Men who rape think they are justified. I know the deal has to be taken in context, but that`s dangerous in itself I use quotes like Don Miguel Ruiz`s to give the daily inspiration I need to keep a bigger, more spacious, and more compassionate perspective on life. Otherwise, it is so easy to get distracted by the everyday, the diverse and the useless and completely forget the real meaning of life. Make these deep quotes a part of your daily life. Write them down in your planner or stick them on a mirror or closet. Look at them. What does each really mean to you? How is this true in your life? Journal about it.

. Find the courage to break agreements based on fear and that claim your personal power. Each agreement focuses on the idea of developing first and training your mind, so that you can see the world in a new light and interact with it in an optimal, more honest and fulfilling way. Below is a summer list of each of the four agreements, followed by our list of 10 quotes from the Four Accords. Write down each quote that makes you think and leave us some of your thoughts (or favorite quotes from the book) in the comment section below! Have a good time! “Nothing others do is because of you. It is up to him to choose. All men live in their own dreams, in their own minds; They are in a completely different world than the one we live in. If we take something personal, we assume that they know what`s in our world and that we`re trying to impose our world on our world.

Even if a situation seems so personal, even if others insult you directly, it has nothing to do with you. What they say, what they do, and the opinions they give correspond to the agreements they have in their own minds. “~ Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Chords Using the four chords to master the dreams of your life is a magical journey. These are simple, but powerful. If you put in mind what Don Miguel Ruiz calls your authentic self to find wisdom, it is about well-being and mastery. I love your presentation. Impressive! It was the first pin I opened on Pinterest, and now I know why. I found an echo in every agreement. It looked like it spoke to me.

I will have this book as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing that!? I love this book and the quotes remind me how good it is! Thank you for sharing 🙂 The fourth agreement deals with the action of the first three: always do your best. Find the courage to ask questions and express what you really want. .