Centrelink Agreement 2017
رحمة الله عليه(ها) Centrelink Agreement 2017

35.1 An officer may, if necessary due to essential work requirements, induce a staff member or group of employees to return to standard working hours for a certain period of time or to enter into a local agreement temporarily modifying existing flexible hours. 42.9 The terms of a part-time employment contract may be modified at any time by an agreement between the employee and the manager. This includes returning to or transitioning to full-time agreements before the originally agreed date. All SWS collective agreements under the terms of this clause, including the appropriate percentage of the corresponding agreement rate to be paid to the worker, are submitted by the Institute to the Fair Work Commission. 53.9 If a staff member is required to make additional payments in accordance with subsection 53.8, an appropriate payment plan shall be agreed upon with the employee. At the time of termination, the worker receives a lump sum including: for the purpose of setting the percentage of the agreement rate to be paid to an employee under this agreement, the employee`s production capacity is assessed in accordance with the Supported Wage system by a licensed expert who has consulted the establishment and the employee. and, if the worker so wishes, a trade union to which the worker may join. (b) any payment of a certain amount of annual leave is a separate written agreement between the worker and the director; 69.8 If a provision of this Agreement provides for a substantial change in the production, program, organization, structure or technology with respect to the enterprise of the establishment, the requirements set out in clauses 69.2 (a), 69.3 and 69.5 do not apply. . . .